Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Poor Decision, Another Company Succumbs!

Oh is a sad day for Flash (on the mobile platform at least)! 
I always see these Chevy ads on TV showing sentimental values of old Chevy's (in a bad economy, I might add), instead of flaunting technical advances in the new ones! And I always wonder, who is making these decisions, and, who is supporting them, who is GM appealing to? 

I was dumbstruck, when HP bought Palm, even more so, when they came out with a WebOS tablet, and finally cringed when they discontinued it when they were selling like crazy at USD99.00!I always thought HP was a hardware company, they should've stuck to hardware. If they want to get into tablets (as a risky undertaking), they should have been into hardware for Android tablets. Let Palm, RIM and the likes, rise and/or sink on it's own merit.
Adobe, now they had a H.U.G.E. advantage in the RIA market. As far as I know they coined the term RIA (or had something to do with coining it at the very least)! The flash platform was everywhere. They were building a community, they had complimentary products like AIR, they were the answer to trendy interfaces. JavaScript ...eeeww!

If you ask me, it would've taken just a couple of eager engineers to figure out how to compile flash on a jail-broken iOS and leak a build out to the developer community. Moreover, they could have just given the specification to compile other languages to Flash runtime on ARM, something like a Common Language Specification. And by the by, nobody'd have asked Steve Jobs' opinion! 

Yeah, yeah .....we all know, Mr. Jobs was worried about the battery life or the performance of Flash on the iPhone (they would've been more careful with iOS 5 release if that were truly the case) .... it was more out of the protection for iTunes market that the whole spat arose. Who at Adobe wanted to pander to the "i" and decided to engage in their stupid "We "HART" Apple Campaign"? Why then, after getting punched so hard, do you still want to showcase Apple computers in your How-To Flash videos? Why all this fashion for all the grief?  Why not just tell Apple to go to hell [indirectly of course]?

And lastly if you believe that HTML5 is going to be a standard that will render and behave the same on all browsers, you have got to be deluded beyond repair! As long as there are browser providers, there will be differences, simply by virtue of competition. There will be way out! But what do I know...


Zack Smith said...

I agree a 100%.

I mean, who makes stupid decisions, around us. Maybe it is our[tech savy ppl] fault; we don't advise our managers; maybe there are idiots all around us!

ApplFan@ said...

Look at Apple; do you think they are making all the right decisions or is it luck.......sometimes it is luck, dude!!! If WebOS would have picked up........would u have hand the same blog up?

Kromanium said...

To ApplFan,
I had tremendous faith in was never going to make any money.

There was just no more place in the market for more tablets. Look what happened to RIM? Could have taken a cue!

Sharon said...

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