Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ugly web pages

I don't really think this warrants more than a few words...but the question to pose is where does Google come up with such ugliness ?

Shiney buttons and window borders make our geeky eyes glaze over. However I've been in the utilitarian camp. I like things simple and functional (form follows function). I also like to give credit where credit's due.

Take the iPhone interface for example, or the Bing maps, or the ExtJS user interface, or any well designed Flex application. Shiny objects galore...

... but come on ...this is ugly.

I am specifically and exclusively talking about the CSS applied to the textbox and buttons. They could have not applied that CSS at all; which causes the textbox to look raised, or the buttons to look rounded.

Don’t get me wrong; Form follows function; I love the utilitarian/spartan look, I understand that the speed is of paramount concern.