Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adobe Flex 3 Certified ( last)

I have been procrastinating for a long time. Every time I set a date for the exam, something came up, ( it usually does); I promptly procrastinated. Blame the laziness (a programmer's best virtue). In that regard I am quite up there (where programming is concerned, of course).

30th July '10 was the day my stars aligned; I walked into a PearsonVue testing center nearby and I committed myself to the dreaded 9A0-082.

Well, here's my testimony and advice:
The exam was not that hard contrary to what many claim. I finished it in about 25 minutes and had lots of time to review the flagged questions. If you've covered LiveDocs, that's more than sufficient; for practice, Attest worked. I found I either knew the answer or I didn't. I didn't spend too much time pondering over each question (there isn't much to ponder). Maybe a few seconds to understand the code in the options.

If anyone needs any guidance, feel free to write; I'll gladly help.