Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Poor Decision, Another Company Succumbs!

Oh is a sad day for Flash (on the mobile platform at least)! 
I always see these Chevy ads on TV showing sentimental values of old Chevy's (in a bad economy, I might add), instead of flaunting technical advances in the new ones! And I always wonder, who is making these decisions, and, who is supporting them, who is GM appealing to? 

I was dumbstruck, when HP bought Palm, even more so, when they came out with a WebOS tablet, and finally cringed when they discontinued it when they were selling like crazy at USD99.00!I always thought HP was a hardware company, they should've stuck to hardware. If they want to get into tablets (as a risky undertaking), they should have been into hardware for Android tablets. Let Palm, RIM and the likes, rise and/or sink on it's own merit.
Adobe, now they had a H.U.G.E. advantage in the RIA market. As far as I know they coined the term RIA (or had something to do with coining it at the very least)! The flash platform was everywhere. They were building a community, they had complimentary products like AIR, they were the answer to trendy interfaces. JavaScript ...eeeww!