Wednesday, November 10, 2010

…and take that too Times of India

I noticed lots of downloads for times of india source code. If you would be so kind to leave a will be greatly appreciated.

I‘ve compiled an Android app to read the newspaper ad-free. It’s the same concept as before, but I have to parse the incoming HTML with regex (I hate RegEx….I spent so much time with it).
I’m well into the night, so I’ll skip the explanation and but do enjoy the screenshots.

You should see the tricolor icon in the list of apps, once you’ve installed it.
Click to open the app. The app fetches the story-categories from

Select the one of categories to see the list of available stories. Tap on the one that interests you…and…
read in peace!
Regex was painful but in the end, it was worth it!

If you need flash builder source:
Download the apk for android device:

SmileA note of caution: please don’t read while driving!Smile

[edit]When compiling for emulator use "target apk-emulator" from command line[/edit]


anirudha said...

Ads have crossed the limits of propriety and gone from being a minor nuisance to a major irritant. Finally, someone is doing something about it.
Excellent thinking. Don't let their right of free speech encroach upon my right to silence!

flex said...

Good Job man